The Street Support Project is an Eramus+ program aimed at offering service providers and local governments with tools, methods and models with which to develop inclusive programs for people experiencing homelessness, people who use drugs, and other related marginalized and underserved communities. 


This European project is produced with the support of the Eramus+ Program

Participant countries & organizations:

The Netherlands – Correlation European Harm Reduction Network [Coordination]

Belgium – European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless

Germany – Fixpunkt

Spain – Fundacion Salud y Comunidad

Ireland – Cork Simon Community

Czech Republic – Podane Ruce


01 | Multiplier dissemination event held in Cork [Ireland]. Organized within the framework of the project by the NGO Cork Simon.

02 | Overview of the project: problem description and activities.

The so-called nuisances related to drug and alcohol consumption in public space is an important policy issue in nearly all European cities. Many local and municipal authorities are struggling to address it in an effective manner. Interventions targeting adults are limited and mainly based on repressive and sanctionary acts, such as fines or detention. 

Less is know about strategies that tackle wider economic and social exclusionary patterns, and the roles the can play in the support of people experiencing homeless, and other underserved groups. The Street Support Project targets social services, adult trainer and local governments.


03 | Documentation of the presentation held during the 4th European Harm Reduction Conference 2018 in Bucharest [Romania] 


04 | Dutch National Report. Research on the situation regarding homelessness and alcohol- and drug use in public space, as well as the legal, administrative and service provision structures.


05 | Diagram extracted from the ToolBox elaborated in this project. This publication is intended for European local policy-makers, professionals in the field of service provision and adult learning educators.