Roberto Perez Gayo is a designer and social worker based in the Netherlands. Approaching design as a tool for inquiry and transformation, their work focuses on critical and analytical approaches to the production of subjectivity. Within this area, Perez Gayo researches the role of design in systems of knowledge production, technologies and infraestructures that impact contemporary modalities of self-production. To do so, their work activates queer and intersectional frameworks, with an emphasis on exploring the relationship of self-production technologies with affective and embodied experiences.

From this position, Perez Gayo’s research covers a wide range of interrelated areas from which they critically examine, deconstruct and visualize the role of design in contemporary social systems, discourses and technologies, and how it orients, directs and frames individual and collective behaviour. This research is materialized in analytical images, design methodologies, participatory systems, articles and publications, installations, in which design and research meet in performance.

Roberto Perez Gayo holds a MA degree in History and Science of the Music [Universidad Complutense de Madrid], a BA degree in Interaction Design and Unstable Media [Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam] and a BA degree in Pedagogy [Universidad Complutense de Madrid]. As a pedagogue, they have mentored and guest lectured regularly at the Design Academy [Eindhoven], and ArtEZ [Arhem] or Sandberg Institue [Amsterdam]. As a social worker, Perez Gayo has been developing diversity work both on national and international level, in the intersection areas of homelessness, drug consumption, sex work, migration and sexual and gender identity, with a strong focus on social justice, civil society involvement, program development and advocacy.

Roberto Perez Gayo identifies a queer & non-binary and uses pronouns they/them/theirs*

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