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Reflective – Self | Orientations

Orientation can be understood as a mutually constitutive process and a metastable relationship between space and the body. By physicalising and enacting research along these coordinates, SD Master students were offered a set of conceptual and methodological entry points to inquiry into the relationship of design with systems of power through processes of [self]orientation.

Geography of Safe Spaces

This cross-disciplinary project critically analyzes the political and institutional context of Drug Consumption Rooms, and the architecural physicalization of such cultural safe spaces. In this way,  the project approaches issues such as policy-making, identity and public opinion related to poverty, drug use, sex work, and homelessnes.

Collective Enunciation

This collaborative work elaborates on the relationship of feminism to the collective regimes of enunciation that produce it. If we look from this perspective to the word feminism, we can understand how as a word it can transform its own conditions, and function as a disruptive agent. To do so, the work speculates on how setting the listening conditions prior to the act of speech can generate new forms of community and collectivity.

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[Co] Ordinated Actions

Cities posses binary spaces of inclusion and exclusion built upon networks of political, social, commercial and residential interests whereby power differentials. Having the concept of ‘line’ as an starting point, [Co]Ordinated Actions offers conceptual and methodological tools to understand the city as a complex social structure in which individuals are shaped by, or are reshaping the material and social fabric.


This work is a visual study and a deconstruction of the genre of war games, both as systems of power and cultural objects. As such, this work exist as a visual dissertation and a set of rules that allows participants to re-enact the research

Guess Who?

This three channel-installation explores the role that asignifying semiotics have in the production of subjectivities and social relationships. In this way,  it investigates what are the possibilities of movement within an absolute non-narrative space, and what identities can merge from there.

To Place Oneself Across 

This work is a study and a publication reseraching the intersection of games and gamigication with pervasive design, biopolitics and governance.In this series of posters, I explore in a diagrammatical space the mechanical aspect of games as social systems, and I speculate how this technology can be potentially subverted to function as a space of resistance to the ludic forms of subjection.


This work investigates how the use of portable music devices influences the experience of their listeners, and from that perspective it documents a geography of the city and its inhabitants. To achieve this, sonic and visual portraits were taken simultaneously. The data of the image, once transformed into sound, was made to collide with the soundscape of the location. After this process, the resulting auditive result is transformed  once more back into image.